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Neurol & Trittico

Side effects Neurol 0,5 a Trittico ac 150 amnesia, anger, Back pain, Confusion, Constipation, decreased...more

Prestance & Aspirin

Side effects Prestance a...more

Anopyrin & Lozap

Side effects Anopyrin a Lozap 50...more

Nebilet & Neurol

Side effects Nebilet a Neurol 0,25 Chest pain, Diarrhea, Dizziness, dyspnea, rash, Fatigue, Headache, Nausea, Insomnia,...more

Ibalgin & Paralen

Side effects Ibalgin a Paralen 500 Anemia, Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Dyspepsia, Gastrointestinal...more

Prenessa & Euthyrox & Caltrate

Side effects Prenessa a Euthyrox Side effects Prenessa a Caltrate 600 mg/400 iu d3 potahovaná tableta...more

Detralex & Nebivolol & Dalacin & Ne..

Side effects Detralex a Nebivolol sandoz Side effects Detralex a Dalacin Side effects Detralex a Neurol...more

Asentra & Xados

Side effects Asentra 50...more

Quetiapin & Trittico

Side effects Quetiapin actavis a Trittico ac 75 amnesia, Back pain, Confusion, Constipation, decreased...more

Furorese & Verospiron & Euthyrox & ..

Side effects Furorese 40 a Verospiron Side effects Furorese 40 a Euthyrox Side effects Furorese 40...more

Relpax & Godasal & Algifen

Side effects Relpax a Godasal 100 Side effects Relpax a Algifen neo Side effects Godasal 100 a Algifen...more

Brintellix & Omeprazol & Fenofix & ..

Side effects Brintellix a Omeprazol stada Side effects Brintellix a Fenofix Side effects Brintellix...more

Rivotril & Brintellix & Valproat & ..

Side effects Rivotril a Brintellix Side effects Rivotril a Valproat chrono sandoz Abdominal Pain, ataxia,...more

Paralen & Rivotril

Side effects Paralen 500 a Rivotril Constipation, Cough, Dizziness,...more

Simvastatin-ratiopharm & Prestance

Side effects Simvastatin-ratiopharm a Prestance...more

Anopyrin & Paralen

Side effects Anopyrin a Paralen...more

Lexaurin & Nebilet

Side effects Lexaurin 1,5 a Nebilet Dizziness, Headache,...more

Monkasta & Flonidan

Side effects Monkasta a Flonidan Fatigue, Headache,...more

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